Meet Tapicap Carpets

Tapicap Carpets has more than 30 years of experience in constructing handmade modern carpets and decoration materials and is located in Athens, Greece. The company seeks out new methods and launches new innovative designs of high quality materials, such as wool-felt, wool and best quality of high resistance cow skins, to the market.

For Tapicap Carpets the client deserves the unique and lasting design of best quality and unbeatable price in every purchase. Many stores in Greece and Europe trust our products along with talented architects and interior designers. 

The company renews every year its products and always offers new trends and is offering customization on order with a secure guarantee and service, aiming for difference and eccentricity as well as being practical. Tapicap Carpets always looking for new, experienced, trustworthy co-workers all over the world for ‘exclusive’ collections.


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